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Those two ideas combined together, and coupled with the earlier conclusions of this Essay, give a method by which we can hope to reconcile the Principles of Peace and Progress on the subject of the sanctity or otherwise of human life, and so make the difficult decisions described in this Essay.

It should first be frankly acknowledged that the concept of the sanctity of life creates a potential for conflict within the founding ideas of the Society. It should opt in the first place for that course of action which will best ensure the infinite survival of our species.

The problem to be explored here then, is wholly internal to the Society of HumanKind since it arises from an apparent conflict between two parts of its system of ideas.

The priority of the Conditions Sanctity of life abortion essay the Dogma, set out in the Treatise on Justice and elsewhere in the founding books, is applied to such questions. After all, these writings have managed to emerge once in our history and we can therefore hope for the Society to rise again, but only if our species survives.

Take, for instance, the stance of the Society that the value of every individual is inestimable. In the Treatise on Morality the judgement of humanity in that period of our history which will follow our conquest of time is used as a means finally to determine questions of the morality or otherwise of our conduct in life.

It is the result of a very long historical journey through and beyond far less satisfactory visions of human moral obligation. In any event and in all circumstances it will abide by the conclusion of the Essay on the Authority of the World Council of Elders, and leave it to that body to act as final Sanctity of life abortion essay of such questions if, despite our best efforts, they are nevertheless raised.

Has it any authoritative opinion on whether or not attempts should be made to develop a means to create human life, other than by the given reproductive system of our species. The emergence of the Society of HumanKind should finally remove from our history any risk of another epoch in which humanity retreats into violence, anarchy and ignorance while culture, learning and scholarship are denounced and derided and the sum of human knowledge shrinks.

In either case, the Society should ask itself the question, "Will we be able to face the rest of humanity for eternity with the consequences of the decision we are about to take. On the other hand, neither can the Society specify which characteristics or qualities of individuals must always be encouraged or preferred.

Then we will do so with great caution and inertia, and with an overwhelming concern to preserve the chances of salvation of both ourselves and all others of our kind.

The sanctity of life - abortion and euthanasia

These questions have posed serious problems for every system of moral ideas. The Society is faced with these difficulties because the freedom created by its Axioms leaves no independent measure by which these matters may be judged, and therefore no authoritative way of balancing the value gained by the preservation of any individual against the risk to our infinite survival that individual might present.

In all, it must be apparent that while the range of possible outcomes, and our power to influence, affect or control them, is immeasurably increased by a life-preserving rather than a life-destructive choice, the spread and depth of responsibility for the effects of the decision is also greatly increased.

And the Society will sanction a search for other ways of creating human life only as a precaution against a perception of a real risk of our existing systems failing us. It should meet demands for euthanasia by efforts to improve both our medical knowledge and the condition of the subject.

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Moral conviction leads to perception and flows into behavior. Perhaps more importantly, a decision to preserve a life will generate an expectation that the subject himself will take responsibility for amending or reconstructing his own life.

So far I have not mentioned God. They are touched on in the first founding book, the 'Foundations'.

If however, avoidance fails and a life-destroying decision has to be faced, then the Society should ensure Sanctity of life abortion essay the decision is dealt with on an immediate, specific and individual basis rather than by any attempt to generate long-term or generally applicable prescriptions.

In the Treatise on the Individual an argument is set out, based on an extreme case, for the preservation of every human life. Humans can have sanctity because God their Creator and Redeemer does, or because God wills that they should be viewed and treated as such.

What all are included in is a vision of their immeasurable worth and inviolable dignity. Taking the example of the questions posed earlier, the view of the Society must be that it should always seek to resolve questions of abortion by improving our knowledge of contraception and conception avoidance.

How the Society might reach such difficult decisions was not discussed in those earlier works. On the other hand the reader will also recall that the Treatises on Tolerance and on Justice show that the survival of our species can be distinguished from the survival of each individual member of humanity by an application of the Principle of Progress to our social problems.

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the sanctity of life concept and the abortion controversy BY SAMUEL CHIBUZO ONYIBA Introduction The question of abortion remains an issue that has generated and continues to steer ripples of ambivalence in our contemporary world.

The Teachings of Christianity on the Sanctity of Life in Realtion to Abortion - The Teachings of Christianity on the Sanctity of Life in Realtion to Abortion Abortion is one of the most controversial topics faced by the world today.

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The Christian response to abortion in our western culture has been a matter of preserving the sanctity of life. Although it would seem to be cut and dry to a Christian that abortion violates that sanctity of life, it continues to face constitutional evolvement, differing worldviews, the scrutiny of the medical profession, and with respect to school text books.

For about five decades the phrase “sanctity-of-life“ has been part of the Anglo-American biomedical ethical discussion related to abortion and end-of-life questions. Nevertheless, the concept’s origin and meaning are unclear.

Much controversy is based on the mistaken assumption that the.

Sanctity of life abortion essay
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