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There is an international uniformity, which means that customers are assured of the availability of the product wherever they go. In view of the external environmental factors, the key decisions related to the marketing mix, i.

However, there is a crossover between what is expressed as global marketing and international marketing, which is a similar term. The next important challenge is to identify marketing opportunities, evaluate and select the most appropriate one so as to meet its objectives.

Taking decisions in view of dynamic international marketing environment. It is to acknowledge that the major challenge in going into the foreign countries is risk associated with the investment aspects.

This is a good opportunity for the company because it enables it to access more coffee.

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The firm realizes this through a relationship with suppliers, customers, employees and alliance partners Simmonsp. The nations are increasingly industrialized Kochp. After the discussion of all these benefits, it is essential to understand that the organizations should go for international expansion or not.

The same scenario is with the German automotive industry. So it is clear that through foreign expansion the country, not only improves their profitability, but also they work towards the economic development as well. With growth in China, the firm would be able to compete with McDonald as it expands its business.

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Starbucks could have taken advantage of the community it serves but decided against it. In Asian markets there are two big economies where the density of populations is very high and business entities have seen a huge potential within these Asian countries.

Another organizational obstacle that the firm is likely to face is creating global learning and innovation via cross-regional knowledge management. This type of marketing requires firms to segment their overseas markets, and implement a localised marketing mix to meet the needs of each of its foreign markets.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Global marketing is the process of focusing resources and objectives of an organization on global marketing opportunities and needs.

It can be pointed out that an increase in coffee prices will result in a direct impact on products of Starbucks. Taking such decisions is much more complex in the international context owing to greater complexity of external factors which are beyond the control of the business enterprise.

Tea is a preferred specialty for countries such as Britain Haskovap. According to Neelankavil and Raip. In Asian markets there are two big economies where the density of populations is very high and business entities have seen a huge potential within these Asian countries.

International marketing is very different than the national marketing. Through various strategies that include joint ventures, licensing, and global partnerships, the company has successfully gained entry into new markets. Journal of Consumer Research, 31 3pp.

International Marketing Strategy of Starbucks

This ensured not only its ability but also success to expand into different and difficult regions and nations. It has focused on providing differentiators such as locations, product mix, coffee beverages supremacy and quality customer care services.

Marketing scholar Theodore Levitt explains this distinction thus selling focuses on the needs of the seller while marketing on the needs of the buyer.

However, as per the legendary management guru Peter Drucker, there would always be the need for some selling. The following components form an integral part of the product: Mainly the organizations took the decision to enter into the foreign market as they aimed at higher profits and capturing a bigger market share.

It is likely to cost 16 times as much to bring the new customer to the same level of profitability as the lost customer. Achieving customer- satisfaction has been given the utmost significance in the concept of marketing because procuring a new customer costs far more estimated to be five times than retaining the existing.

This particular aspect has become true with the IT and communication industry. Starbuck adopted new marketing strategy, instead of simply focusing on advertising and marketing. The company’s employees were the brand communicators (Zahra, Ireland and Hittp. ). Therefore, instead of spending a lot on advertising, it focused on the employees.

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The level of strategy during the formulation of international marketing strategy. International marketing is a comprehensive strategy that has been conformed to adapt to the rapid globalization that has been prevalent in the world over the years. As the needs of consumers have converged, the study of consumer behavior increased in a way that would examine purchase behavior.

International firms have to take crucial decisions either to make use of a standard marketing strategy across countries or adapt it to suit the needs of different country markets. Essay # 6. Product Decisions for International Marketing. Introduction To International Marketing Marketing Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. An International Marketing strategy is one part of a global strategy.

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